From the Editor #18

Archangel's recent addition to the website has caused some confusion in Objectivist terminology.  This is a letter sent to a constituent regarding the truth of Archangel's message. Read Archangel's message here first.

There are people who believe that the ability to 'complain' = talent.

The immediate rebuttal is: "Check your premises..."  but they wouldn't understand what the expression means, so we choose to associate with those who CAN think instead.

The only thing that our adversaries know how to do (barely at that) is point a gun.

Archangel's message addressed this very concept; modernized but patterned after John Galt's Speech [Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand].

Or like I implied yesterday: They will throw their grenades at us and we will pull the pins and throw them back.

The beauty of Objectivism is that Ayn Rand specifically clarifies that it is US who make it possible for the looters to use our inventions against us.  Without us, Earth would regress to a state of pre-language.   [anyone can drive a car -- Lee Iacocca can BUILD one].

When the heroes in Atlas Shrugged tired of the mindless insanity that surrounded them, they removed themselves to Atlantis, where codes of morality were mathematically realistic.....and everyone there shared the same values.  A = A.

In order for NWO to work, people like us have to passively allow it to happen, or even help them under the insane notion that it's for the 'greater good.'  It is mathematically sound judgment to reason that NWO cannot come to pass without thinkers helping the looters.  That is the contradiction: Society has been conditioned to believe that people are helpless.  We have politicians who pursue unscrupulous ambitions with unbridled and unchecked power.

We gave them that power.

We are, more literally, 'the weapon' that they seek to turn against ourselves.  Not seeing the forest through the trees.

What happens when we quit playing along?

Apparently, there are plenty of non-Objectivsts out there who see the contradiction(s) but don't know the Randisms to define what they see going on, which is why Objectivists have a linguistic advantage.  Non-Objectivists only know that it's wrong.

Cyonic Nemeton is going to redouble its efforts to promote that clarity.

The Editor